19th Century´s militar history in the Basque Country

Battles and acttions


"Acción de Ormaiztegi". (The action at Ormaiztegi) (Detail)In early 1835, Zumalacárregui travelled to Gipuzkoa from Navarre with 2,000 men to fight the red beret of Jauregi "The Shepherd". He entered Urretxu looking for Liberal volunteers, but they were already in Bergara under the protection of General Carratalá's army. Espartero, Lorenzo, Iriarte and Quintana also had troops under their command numbering around 8,000 soldiers. When they heard that Zumalacárregui was close - and knowing that his troops were superior - they decided to launch an attack near Ormaiztegi on the 2nd of January.

"Batalla de Ormaiztegi". (The Battle of Ormaiztegi)The Carlists were stationed up in the mountains, between Mutiloa and Ormaiztegi. The conflict was very fierce due to constant Liberal bayonet attacks, but the Carlists managed to hold on to their position until nightfall. During the night, the Carlists fell back to Segura and the Liberals did the same to Ormaiztegi. Both fronts had lost 500 men on the battlefield. The next day, the Liberals charged again. However, the men were weaker than the previous day and had to stop by noon. Jáuregui "The Shepherd" retreated to Ordizia. Carratalá and the rest headed to Bergara with the Carlists hot on their heels.

The Liberals tried to cover up their defeat. In San Sebastián, the bells rang out for their "victory" and they went so far as to imprison a messenger who brought them news from the battle. However, they were eventually forced to admit their defeat.

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